Online Shop

Welcome to our online shop. Please find a selection of our best sellers here. All our arrangements are wrapped simply in tissue paper, Kraft paper and cellophane. 

Our flower stocks are constantly changing with the seasons, therefore we cannot guarantee the same flowers that are depicted in the pictures but you can be sure that they'll be just as beautiful.

Autumn Planted Trug

A seasonal planted Trug or basket filled with autumn flowers and hardy winter evergreens.


Planted up by ourselves, our terrariums contain a mixture of ferns, fittonias and ivies mixed with mosses, stones and decoration. 
They just require regular misting and occasional tidying up of decaying leaves.

Opuntia Cactus

A striking Opuntia cactus potted into a clay pot (pot may vary). This cactus stands at least 30cm tall from the rim of the pot.

Phalaenopsis Orchid

A long lasting moth orchid presented in a ceramic pot. Beautifully wrapped and finished with a bow. 
Pot may vary. Minimum of 2 stems.

Succulent Heart

A cute concrete heart filled with attractive succulents. The way to a succulent lovers' heart.

Fishbowl Terrarium

A small fishbowl containing a selection of cacti and succulents

Oxo Tin

A vintage oxo tin filled with succulents and cacti. The tins are originals so expect the odd dent etc.

Vintage Urn

A vintage style urn filled with flowering bulbs and finished with mosses and twigs.

Ivy Heart

A decorative Ivy heart in a Kew pot. 

Buxus Ball

A trimmed box ball suitable for siting next to your front door or alongside a garden path. Suitable for a container or planting in the open ground. Will be delivered with the pot wrapped in hessian and ribbon.