Flower Delivery in Aberystwyth, Ceredigion, Wales

During this current time, we are delivering Wednesday to Friday. We are offering florist choice mixed bouquets and arrangements. If you are after specific flowers, please allow 3-4 days notice.

Collections possible on a Saturday too.

We are stocking a mix of British and Dutch grown flowers.

September 2020

British Sunflower Bunch

From £12

Seasonal Bunch

From £25

“Coffee flowers”

From £12

Bottle Crates (6)

From £28

Birch Pot

From £25

Bottle Crates

From £21

Dried Flower Bunch

From £28

Gift Voucher

From £5

Dried Flowers

Dried Flower Bunch

From £28

Bunch of dried palm leaves

From £8

Bleached Ruscus bunch

From £15

Indoor Plants

Cactus and Succulent Bundle

From £20

Hoya linearis

From £17

Chlorophytum~ Spider plant

From £15

Calathea ‘Network’

From £14

Large Pilea

From £25

Lepsimium bolivianum

From £18

Philodendron ‘imperial red’

From £15

Sansevieria “Moonshine”

From £13


From £15

Cactus and succulent compost

From £4.50

Rhipsalis in wicker hanging basket

From £23.99


From £35

Sansevieria fern wood punk

From £30

Aloe vera

From £6.95

Alocasia Polly

From £14

Yucca elaphantoides

From £48

Davallia fern

From £14.50

Homalomena rubescens

From £12

Gifts and more

Indoor Greenhouse

From £45

Shell on Earth

From £5

Shell on Earth Large

From £8

Wall Planter

Vintage Tile Candleholder

From £30

Children’s DIY bird food pinecone

From £3.95

Children’s flower press

From £10.95

Standing penguin umbrella

From £12.95

Outdoor shutter mirror

From £46.99

Mini snips

From £2.99

Garden snips

From £7.25

Children’s DIY bird box kit

From £24.99

Children’s potting bench

From £22

Children’s gardening tool belt

From £9.50

Children’s gardening gloves

From £2.99

Portuguese tile hanging pot

From £9.99

Net shoulder bag

From £4.99


From £5.99

Indoor watering can

From £11.25