Flower Delivery in Aberystwyth, Ceredigion, Wales


Due to Covid 19 our shop is currently closed to the public. In line with guidelines obtained from the BFA we are able to offer a contactless delivery service.

Therefore, we have decided to trial delivering Flowers and Plants (and giftware) on a Wednesday and Thursday each week. Please be aware we are having to rely on couriers to receive our flowers so there may be delays. This is out of our hands and we can only apologise in advance if deliveries are 24 hours late. Please be aware of this when ordering.

The majority of our flowers coming in are British grown, growers choice mixed boxes. Colour and variety a complete surprise until we receive them. Therefore, we feel we cannot offer funeral arrangements at this time.

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Hanging Basket

Mixed hanging baskets filled with summer flowers.
Available from the end of May.


Lovely summer daisies. Flowers all summer long. Needs winter protection but can be kept for the following year. Deadhead to ensure continuous flowering.


Perfectly happy kept in a pot or planted in a free draining site. If kept in pot, they perform better when almost pot bound.
Ideally brought inside during the harshest of winters but usually hardy outdoors all year around.
Standing 3ft tall


Suitable for outdoors. 

Sempervivum pot

Small clay pot filled with a mix of sempervivums, commonly known as houseleeks. Hardy and can be kept outside all year round.

Aeonium arboreum ‘Velours’

Large succulent. Can be kept outdoors in the summer and needs some winter protection. Can reach a height of 3-4foot.

Venus Fly Trap

Easy to look after carnivorous plant. Prefers a bright sunny location, inside or out. Water with rainwater ideally.


Passiflora caerulea is the common passionflower. Lovely, detailed flowers all summer long. Can be kept outside in a sheltered position or bring indoors over the winter.

Bonsai 3

Outdoor bonsai. Metasequoia planted in a grouping of three trees. 

Bonsai 2

Outdoor bonsai. Only one available. Cloud pruned.

Bonsai 1

Outdoor bonsai.
Only one available 

Citrus Tree

Standard clementine tree. 
Suitable for indoors or outside in the summer months.


Opuntia microdasys mixed colours.
Hardy cactus that requires full sunlight. Can be kept outside in the summer but does need some winter protection.

Vegetable selection box

Approx 7 different types of vegetable (34+ plants) suitable for growing at home. Plant out and water. Great for kids. Delivery first week of June.