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Flower Delivery in Aberystwyth, Ceredigion, Wales

During this current time, we are delivering Wednesday to Friday. We are offering florist choice mixed bouquets and arrangements. If you are after specific flowers, please allow 3-4 days notice.

Collections possible on a Saturday too.

We are stocking a mix of British and Dutch grown flowers.

Dried Flower Bunch

Only 1 remaining

Dried, everlasting bouquet of mainly British grown dried flowers.
mixed colours but if you have a preference on a colour scheme do let us know. Please allow up to a week for delivery. (Flowers kept at home).

Bleached Lagurus bunch

Only 2 remaining

Bunch of bunny tails. 

Bunch of dried palm leaves

Bunch of small dried palm leaves 

Bleached Ruscus bunch

Only 5 remaining

Bunch of dried bleached ruscus stems